sexta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2010

A Dark Lord and his Red Queen

As I forever rule in darkness, behind the shadows that cover the hearts of men, the infinite emptiness of space and time spreads too far for the lonely mind to bear.

And so in the edges of my Being that are touched by the rays of light she is born, a Ruby corona that spreads life and warmth into the Unbearable Nothingness. She extends her Razor-sharp hand, breaks all my defenses and reaches deep into my core. She crosses unthinkable spaces in the time of a heartbeat and stares right at my face.

My true face.

And we smile. Our true faces come closer... and closer...


Her crimson satin draped frame twists around the black fabric. And easy as that, a Dark Lord no longer rules alone. They fly around their dominion, hand in hand, never letting go. She reaches the surface and the bright spots that he does not care to visit, while he dwells and controls the Darkest corners that she is afraid to get to know any better.

She tries to remain in the light, as she fears the darkness in her. But the darkness is his Realm, and he will keep her safe from it.

And the light is his pain, and is alien to him, but she casts it in a scarlet hue that brings life and joy and leaves things no less grim. In the light of his Red Queen, he feels grateful for being alive!

And they are now together, and nothing can do them apart, for where one fails, the other shall prevail. A fallen angel and a fiery muse in a blur of an embrace never before seen by men. Never apart by more then a thought: The Dark Lord and his Red Queen!

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